My Grandparents Wedding - Edgar and Elsie Ladbury 10 Jun 1916

My Grandparents Wedding - Cyril & Hilda Wood 15th Sep 1923

My Parents Wedding - John & Edna Wood 15th Oct 1955

See who you can recognise, have a guess, then hold your cursor over the face to see if you were right. The names are listed below, relationships are to the Bride or Groom.

No. Name No. Name
1. Mr. Arthur Hadley 33. Edna (Ladbury) Wood
2.Mrs. A. Hadley 34.Margaret Thompson
3.Mr. L. Allsebrook 35.Don Rea
4.Mrs. L. Allsebrook 36.Norah Ladbury
5.Christopher O'Connor 37.Margaret Chesshire
6.Zena O'Connor 38.Aunty Olga Jones
7.Uncle Wilf Ross 39.Hazel Chesshire
8.Fred O'Connor 40.Leslie Hudson
9.Em Heywood 41.Aunty Ethel Goode
10.Gladys Clayton 42.Uncle Jim Goode
11.Neville Prideau 43.Miss Iza Mitchell
12.Brenda Perks 44.Joan Ladbury
13.Aunty Phyllis Ross 45.Mother Elsie Ladbury
14.Dorothy (Lupton) Green 46.Derek Hudson
15.Christine (Corfield) Whitehouse 47.Father Edgar Ladbury
16.Rosalie Britton 48.Aunty Blanche Chandler
17.Gordon Britton 49.Dorothy Chesshire
18.Shirley Prideau 50.Aunty Gladys Brookes
19.Aunty Edna Wood 51.Uncle Fred Ladbury
20.Father Cyril F. Wood 52.Harvey Chesshire
21.Aunty Gladys Wood 53.Uncle George Jones
22.Rev. J. L. Pumfrey 54.Pat Hudson
23.Mrs. Eleanor Pountney 55.Stephen Hudson
24.Aunty Gwen Ross 56.Aunty Madge Goode
25.Mother Hilda M. Wood 57.Aunty Nancy Jones
26.Mrs. Pumfrey 58.Aunty Marjory Ladbury
27.Mrs. Sandilands 59.Grandad John Ladbury
28.Mr. Brian Perks 60.Uncle Charlie Goode
29.Audrey Wrigley 61.Uncle Will Goode
30.Mr. Sandilands 62.Sheila Hands
31.John Wood 63.Geoff Hands
32.Jean Rea 64.Aunty Doris Ladbury


My parents - John Philp Wood & Edna Ladbury 1983

My Grandparents - Edgar Foster Ladbury & Elsie Isabella Goode

My Grandparents - Cyril Frederick Wood & Hilda May Ross 15th Sep 1923

My Great Great Grandparents - Thomas Henry Wood & Harriet Timings


My Great Great Grandmother - Martha Elizabeth Turville nee Walker

My Great Great Grandfather - James Edward Maullin c. 1901


My Great Grandparents Samuel William Goode & Isabella Mary Maullins & family c.1915

My Great Great Grandmother Harriet Wood nee Timings with family c.1920
4 sons with wives Samuel Ernest & Edith Emma (left), Thomas Fredrick & Ada Alice(right)
the two couples in the centre back are not identified
daughter Charlotte Ruby,2 granddaughters Florence Gladys, Edith Edna

My Great Grandparents Thomas Frederick Wood & Ada Alice Wood
with Cyril Frederick Wood and John Philip Wood c.1933

My Great Grandparents Walter Ignatius Ross and Lily Marion Turville
with family Ethel, John Turville, Wilfred Edward, Hilda May c. 1919

My Great Grandfather John Edgar Ladbury with extended family 1946