Research Data

Since 2002 I decided that the only way to get on top of all the relationships amongst the various Ladburys was to use a sledge hammer approach and try and extract all of them from the available Census material. The sources I have used are:

Having extracted the information I have produced Microsoft Excel ® spreadsheets in order to collate into familys, and to match up with the existing information stored in my data base. In order to collate into families it is necessary to put the entries into the original order based on the Peice / Folio / Page numbers. There is an easier method for the 1901 census available from Cyndi's list, but sadly I didn't find that until I had done it the hard way. In later years I developed my own Excel Macros for extracting the information more effectively

Following Don's sage advice and that of many more experienced genealogists I have recorded the original images and interpreted them. This took a little longer but has revealed a number of Ladburys not showing in the index. I have all the original images but the copyright prevents me from publishing them. Still if you contact me on the email address on the home page I can fill in any missing details. In the few years I have been using Ancestral Sources to enter census data quicker and more accurately into my database.

There are undoubtedly a number of things wrong with this data, including missing and spurious entries, I am slowly working through and correcting these but if you think you can correct or add anything please let me know.

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