I have been researching my family tree for many years now, starting from some trees my Father researched. If you want to see my parent's wedding photo and play 'place the face' see the Gallery page.

The primary surnames I am researching are listed below, see the Trees page or use the links below to jump to their specific trees

My main focus has been the Ladburys where I have attempted to collect them all. if you think you connect to any of my trees I would be delighted to hear from you.

I have had a number of researchers who have collaborated in gathering all this data, on the Wood side, my father John started things off, and Doreen Mason, who made many trips to Birmingham Library on my behalf. I have also had lots of help on the Turvilles (see Ross) from Lynn Lord. On the Ladbury side there have been many other collaborators. Start using the links above for more information, and details about how the Ladbury research was carried out.

The majority of my relatives live in Birmingham  but I have a number of relatives in New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada who I would particularly like to hear from.

Major areas of interest can be accessed via the links in the header and my contact details are below.